07th Jun2010

Lego me, Lego Jenn. How cool!

by Jeff McNeil
Lego Me, Lego Jenn x 2

Lego Me, Lego Jenn x 2

So I have been waiting for these little guys to arrive for a long time.  I got a Lego Jeff and a Lego Jenn (bride and groom) then I found a Lego Jeff and Lego Jenn photographers as well!  How awesome is that?!  I think it could be cake toppers. Yes? No?  Perhaps rubber ducky cake toppers? We have those too!  I am just getting so excited about all this stuff that I may just go crazy trying to find all the fun things to buy before I even propose.  Oh man am I excited about Lego me.  I love Lego me.  The way my hair looks so perfect and how my shoes shine so brightly.  Jenn looks great too, a little off for the future wedding dress but honestly, how am I suppose to know what it is going to look like.  I know what the ring looks like, and pretty sure what my tux will look like. But the dress… that is totally up in the air.

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