Jenn’s Letter From the Soul to Jeff

Celtic Handfasting – Tying the Knott

My Dearest Jeff~

From the moment I first met you, I knew you were special.  As cheeseball as the sounds, it is true.  It wasn’t love at first sight but it was something.  You charmed me.  You listened to me, you made me feel comfortable, and you created a sort of fantasy in my mind of what life could be like with you in it.

I will never forget our first outing together.  It wasn’t a date, but it was magical.  It was the first of the many travels we have had and will continue to have and my mother may have thought I was crazy, but you’ll be glad to know she doesn’t think that now.  We didn’t go far but that fantasy you created started to come to life when you took me to Joshua Tree.  I felt like I was in a whole new world.  And actually it was like the land of Aladdin and Jasmin – away from city lights with a view of more stars than I had ever seen before.

And that is what your love has done for me on a continuous basis – it takes me away: from work, from stress, from anxiety – to places of peace, excitement, fun and adventure.  I know I can go anywhere with you, but even being at home and lying in your arms is a place of serenity for me.

I hope we continue to travel the world but always come back to the home we have made together: a happy and loving place where we can grow old.  Though our address may change, my home will always be where you and I sit on the couch to talk about each day’s events, cook dinner for friends and family, and raise a family of our own one day.

I love you Jeff, more than I can ever explain, and I promise to continue to love you and add some fun to your life.  I will do whatever I can to help us “live long and prosper” as Spock would say, because I love you for the nerd that you are.  You may make me cry but you make me laugh so much more.

You are the sweetest man I’ve ever known and no one loves me like you do.  I will return that love as best I can and make you proud.  I promise to support you in everything you wish to do in life: succeed at work, buy a house, and travel because I know you will continue to support me as well.  I need you, forever, and I know this is the start of our forever together.

I promise to love you forever, no matter what happens.  And I promise to remember your love for me as well.  I do promise we will fight, but also that we will get through it.  And most of all I promise to keep living our lives together focusing on what makes us the most happy: setting and reaching our goals, traveling the world, and holding each other close on cold nights.

I cannot wait to start our lives together as husband and wife.  My heart and soul belong to you, Jeffrey Anton, for forever.

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  1. Your letter made me tear up during the ceremony. It really was so heart touching to me. I know you took care to write it perfectly and that means so much to me. I will never forget your letter to me. I love you Jennifer.

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