Instruction Manuals are fun and informative

Wedding Books

Wedding Books

I just got the Bride’s book from this morning and my is it funny.  Jenn bought the Groom’s book in Seattle as a business expense.  It lets me know what to deal with regarding wedding planners, grooms, groomsmen etc.  I found it to be quite funny.  They also have Wedding, Baby, Pregnancy, Toddler etc books.  They read like instruction manuals for the more technical people.  I gave Sarah and Evan the baby & toddler instruction manuals, they enjoyed them so I am buying some for myself.  I figure it is a great pocket guide to what to do, expect and how to plan.  Being wedding photographers, Jenn and I have some good ideas about venue and vendors.  But we don’t know much about the whole family planning side.  I am half way through the men’s guide and I am finding it quite funny and informative.  I would suggest these books to those who want a more humorous slant to the serious event instead of the classical how to books.  They can be found online at for about $15 each.  Or try who sells them as well and give free super saver shipping on those purchased from Amazon Inc., not 3rd party sellers on the website.  Look for the free super saver shipping icon/logo.

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  1. really – I TOLD you brides don’t need manuals… we just know. ah, we’ll see… =)

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