Iceland Sights – Blue Lagoon

Iceland Blue Lagoon

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon natural geothermal hot springs

The Blue Lagoon geothermal hot springs in Iceland are one of the most popular hot springs in the world.  Rated by National Geographic as one of their bucket-list places to visit.  The hot springs are fed by a near by geothermal power plant which takes super heated water from 6000 ft within the earth to create steam to power the turbine.  The pools are the excess water pumped up from within the earth and are at a consistent 102°F.  Your average spa is set to 103°F.  In Iceland the summer months have mild day time temperatures to allow slowly dip into thw warm water, however in the winter the outside air temp can be hovering around 32°F… you will see just how fast can you jump into the water.

Recent films or shows shot in Iceland were Prometheus, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, James Bond: Die Another Day, Amazing Race, America’s Top Model & the Bachelorette.

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