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06th Jul2010

I now pronounce you Reverend Peters

by Jenn

This guy is cool!

Sunday at the fourth of July party we went to, I decided to ask a good friend to officiate our wedding.   A bit shocked at the question, Jon said yes after a few moments of speechlessness. =)  We both think it will be great having Jon up there with us.  He is a great friend with an ability to engage a crowd with his awesome personality and commanding voice.  Thanks Jon!

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    4 Responses to “I now pronounce you Reverend Peters”

    • I was so excited when Jon said “Yes.” It was much like my porposal moment when Jenn simply nodded her head. We wanted to hear the words from Jon to make it offical. I am overjoyed to know that Jon will make the event fun. I know he will pull out all the stops for the rehearsal dinner run through, and have the utmost confidence in him for our actual ceremony. I agree with Jenn, he is the perfect pick. Once again, thank you Jon.

    • Ryan

      WOW! This is cool! Does he have to get ordained for this or is he already ordained?

    • Jon is not ordained as of Sunday night July 4th. We sent him some e-mails with places to go online to get ordained. They range from free to $150, however the best place I saw is about $32. This includes registration and paperwork necessary to perform services in California. The website is We are very excited he is going to do the ceremony for us. Jennifer Peters, his wife & our former OCC business writting teacher, is going back to school to get her doctorate. They were excited to for the title changes so that they can be announced as Reverand and Doctor Peters. How cool is that?

    • Ryan

      Haha Reverand and Doctor Peters…that is soo funny and Awesome!

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