I love free gifties!

Heart Champagne Flutes

Heart Champagne Flutes

Yesterday Jenn and I went to Crate and Barrel to do our wedding registry.  We were given the bar code scanner and immediately went to work.  We love bar code scanning.  There is so much great stuff at Crate and Barrel I wish I could redo the entire home in the things from there.  Before I get too far along that thought, I need to figure out what am I going to do with the things i already love and use.  Anyway, I had a great time there and found the wine fridge that Bed Bath and Beyond did not have.  There were 2 great moments at the store, the first was when the attendant commented on my Jeff Dunham shirt and we hit it off.  It was awesome to find another fan and it was even better when he handed us our free gift and said “Here is your gift… on a stick” I laughed out loud.  John was great, he makes me want to go back there.  His “gift on a stick” comment leads me to the 2nd great thing that happened. We got free champagne flues!  Two flutes with a heart on the top of them.  I know the picture isn’t all that great, I will try to find a better one.  Jenn and I were so excited we opened them in the car.

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