Day of Wedding, are those butterflies?



There is just enough time to get on here and say the immortal words of Ross Geller, “I am getting married today!  Woohoo!” from the 2nd wedding to Emily.  The scene is where Chandler is in the hotel room and Ross barges in.  He yells the line then exits the room.  Monica comes out from under the covers and asks, “Do you think he noticed me?”

I will see you all today at 4pm for the ceremony with reception to follow at 5pm.  Woohoo!

UPDATE:  After I posted this I realized that I had forgotten my tie clip and that my watch that Jenn gave me has not been re-sized.  I found the nearest FOSSIL store at South Coast Plaza and had my watch re-sized in no time flat.  I then ran around the Macy’s store looking for the men’s accessories area for a tie clip for myself.  I had 3 tie clips for the groomsmen but none for me.  So $25 later I had one that matched the groomsmen and I was on my way to the Marriott Newport Coast Villas.  I was stressed to be sure. But I made it there on time and everything went well that day.

Jeff McNeil

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