Day 9 – Versailles

Our first trip out of the city center so far, we went to Versailles today via RER.  Just a 40 minute ride to this chateau of Louis XIV as well as the domain of Marie Antoinette.  There is a ton of snow on the ground in this part of town, which was nice to see.  Jeff and I took about a 2 hour walk in it around the grounds and gardens, and while my feet did finally get wet, the walk was rather pleasant.  The tour of the inside was interesting too.  Jeff read to me about every room as he has been doing wherever we go.  Tons of interesting historical information in Rick Steves’ book that we have been carting around.

Before coming home, we stopped to get a crepe and panini from the shop down the street as well as some fabulous steak frites and an orangina.  A yummy lunch indeed.  We are looking forward to going back to the Christmas Village at the start of Champs Elysees tonight like we did last night before our date.  Hopefully it has dried up a bit as it was pretty mucky last night and I’m already down a pair of shoes from this mornings snow.  Looking forward to more yummy food!  Going to bring the camera tonight to snap a few shots of the lights.

Here are the photos from Versailles:

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  1. The pictures are great !!!
    Glad You and Jeff are having what shure looks like a wonderful time.
    You deserve it.

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