Day 9 – More City Walking

This morning started with a trip to Canal Street to see the system of locks in a chanel which bypasses part of the Seine.  We made a stop at Hospital St. Louis, erected in 1607.  It does have a new wing, but a lot of original features and buildings as well.

Next, we went on to continue viewing Passages around the city.  Back to Passage des Princes which was open today, we were able to get a glimpse at the toy shoppes and capture better photos.  Passage Brady was next which wasn’t much but had colorful mirrored arches above, then to Passage de Bourge L’abbe and Passage du Grand Cerf which was much more lively.

The posh Galleries Vivienne had amazing original tile floors and many restaurants.  Just across from that, Galleries Colbert was a quick stop.

From there we walked to Jardin du Palais Royal which was packed with people strolling and enjoying the flowers, fountains and sun.  Behind Palais Royal is the Louvre – even more crouded today.  We walked through the Jardin Tuileries and picked up lunch before sitting down ad watching the ducks fight over food and mates.

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