28th Dec2010

Day 8 – Romantic Evening at the Eiffel Tower

by Jenn

Jeff and I got all dolled up for dinner at 58, the restaurant on the first level of the Eiffel Tower.  We enjoyed a glass of champagne, a bottle wine, tiger prawns, chestnut soup, ginea fowl, veal, baba with rum and profiterol with chocolate, as well as a coffee night cap.  Soooo yummy and sooo filling!  The ambiance in the restaurant was nice and we had a lovely view of the city as well.  Of course we couldn’t resist taking a few photos both during and after dinner. =)

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  • Cathy & Tim Pasek

    We missed you both on Christmas, but are enjoying your blogs and photos. Looks like a great honeymoon. Stay warm and well.
    – Cathy

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