Day 8 – Inside Passage

Room service for breakfast today, followed by the hot tub and a trip to the spa for our free couples treatment.  I found it very relaxing and it left my skin feeling smooth and exfoliated – Jeff’s too, although he was a bit too out of his element to be relaxed.  We were both able to take a relaxing nap afterward though, so not too shabby.  Last day on the ship is sad – but lots to do to get ready for tomorrow’s early departure.  Nothing terribly exciting – had to pack of course and I can’t believe how much clothing fits in my suitcase.  It’s sort of ridiculous that I have 50 pounds of clothing.  Half of which, btw, I haven’t even used.  Next time I’ll plan better – but I say that every time.  We finally made it to some shows today (well we did see the love and marriage and battle of the sexes shows before) – tonight was the farewell show.  It was so so – a little random.  Dinner was yummy and it was good to see (almost) everyone one more time.  We Californians are looking forward to a get together to share photos and I am very much looking forward to keeping in touch with our new Oklahoma friends:  Patsy, Ronny, Carolyn and Fred.  I’m glad we made some probably lasting connections this cruise.  Well done. =)

Pix of us and some other stuff:

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