Day 9 – Christmas Village

Had a fabulous time walking the Champs and “window shopping” at all the booths, not to mention the eating.  I love eating in Paris.  First we had a polish sausage and frites, then onto barbe-a-papa (cotton candy) for Jeff and what else but a Nutella crepe for me (see the CRAZY cotton candy below).  I also have continued to be amazed by the amount of Nutella in this city.

The booths are all fun and different – mostly gifty stuff.  Last night I got some jewelry but yeah there is such a wide variety of items – from cotton candy and hot dogs at one booth, to booths with both cell phone covers and lingerie. LoL!

I need to do a post about the randomness in Paris. It’s a hoot!

Anyway, here’s pix of tonight.  Bedtime for us, DL tomorrow!


  1. You are having a fabulous time I can see, way too darn cold even looking at the pics, when do you go to Disneyland? Be safe and kekep it up…..

  2. Disneyland is today! =)

  3. Jeff & Jenn.

    I’ve been reading your blog every couple of days…so glad you made it and are having a wonderful time. Don’t suppose you could find room in your luggage to bring me some DARK Chocolate? If at all possible, they have very large bars…kinda like the BIG hershey’s bars hear at home… but dark with soft fudge like center.

    wow…the cript was sort of creepy to look at in pics…did it feel creepy to be there?

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