Day 7 – Wind, Waterfalls, and SUN!

Today, Jeff and I ventured to Vik, the southern most city in Iceland, and saw the sun rise and set on our journey.  I still cannot get over both the morning and evening twilight – so blue and so much longer than in California.  And the blues aren’t the only colors – the sky itself becomes a rainbow.  It is awesome.  We made quite a few stops for photos on the way to and from Vik, but the main stops were Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss – 2 big water falls and a bunch of other little ones.  Another highlight was that we saw the sun for the first time in a week!  Being from sunny Southern California, Jeff missed his friend and was excited to get out of the car when it popped above the clouds to say hello.  It had been behind heavy clouds in the daylight the other times we were out, but today we actually saw it completely above the clouds, shining bright.

Here is our little road trip in photos:

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  1. Hi there. It’s really pretty there. Enjoying following you on your trip. love you.

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