Day 7 Westport and Kylemore Abby

After an hour drive down through county Mayo Jenn and I started our trip in Westport.  We began by looking at St Patrick’s Mountain as well as stopping at a memorial to the Irish potato famine.  Shortly after, we stopped near the side of the road to play in some of the peat bogs here in Ireland.  The bogs are mosses and grasses compacted over years and kept oxygenated and wet naturally to prevent decomposition.  They have found medieval butter and even human mummies completely preserved in these bogs down to their eyelashes and the last meal in their stomachs.  The most fun part about the bog is jumping on the springy, spongy material and shaking the ground of someone else 10 or more feet away.  Don’t jump too hard or you might find yourself 6 inches deep in muddy bog.

After numerous stops on the side of the road to check out the view, some sheep, and a beautiful waterfall, we arrived at  Kylemore Abbey and it’s Victorian walled garden.  The gardens were fantastic and the house looked like something right out of X-men, the movie.  We strolled along the grounds and enjoying the scenery for an hour before heading to Galway to our B & B for the evening.

The Four Winds Lodge also has a beautiful garden of its own.  Jenn enjoyed taking photos of all the flowers and admiring it in entirety from our bedroom window.  Dinner at Lohans was delicious – we continue to be pleased with Irish food.

Tomorrow, yet another castle – but a short day for driving.

Beer count is up to 15. =P

Here are the photos:

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