Day 7 – Ketchikan

No real plans today – we were lucky to sleep in till about 9am.  After breakfast we took a camera free walk along Front Street to all the touristy shops looking for a trinket that Jeff could buy.  After going back on the ship for lunch, we headed back out to catch a glimpse of the nature side of Ketchikan.  A nice 2 mile or so walk along the creek and down to the marina made my day.  We saw how filled with Salmon the creek was – incredible!  And came across a giant ugly mosquito as well.  Stopped in some of the more local shops and got a couple last items to take home.

Got back to the ship early and finally got to spend some time with Spanky and Denise!  Kept busy till dinner where we were fed lobster.  Why there is no picture of it is beyond me – too busy I guess.  Between the 10 of us at the table, 20 lobster tails were devoured!  Suffice it to say, we were full after that.  Tomorrow is a bit more sleeping in – day at sea.

Photos of our walk around town and the ship:

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