Day 6 – The Louvre

Today, Jeff, Mom and I walked to the Louvre with a plan to see the biggies and get out.  Yes, there is beaucoup d’art but as Mom says “these places are so big!” – and it is impossible to do it all in a day.  So we got there before they opened and were ushered in through a side door and giant lift first.  Jeff bought his ticket and we were off to La Jaconde!

I was shocked at how few people had made it to this giant room just yet – and then more shocked when once again, Mom was offered special treatment.  “Madame, you can come past the rope for a photo.”  We practically could have touched Mona were she not smiling shyly behind multiple layers of bullet proof glass.  Mom marveled once again at how she looks just like me.  Right… Da Vinci had me on his mind whilst painting one of the world’s most famous works of art. =P

After the Mona Lisa, we walked over to The Winged Victory and then down to Venus de Milo. We ended up at the old castle mote which was interesting to see as well.

Upon our exit, I spotted a Starbucks and Mom was thrilled that after about 27 mini coffees served in most of Paris, she could buy herself a Venti.  Addict much?  We walked the Tuleries Garden and I wished once again it was the bustling summer season.  Next time.  Despite Mom’s copious amount of coffee, she went right to sleep after lunch at the flat.

It is 4pm now and everyone is awake – what to do?

Here is part 1 of our day:


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