Day 6 – Bushmills & Londonderry

This morning we took a brief detour back to Bushmills for some whiskey tasting and great working distillery tour. They make the entire worlds supply in this one factory in Northern Ireland. The 10 year old batch was pretty darn good if you ask me.  I should have tried the honey Bushmills to see if it was like Honey Jack Daniels… yummy stuff

We then headed to the Downhill manor and Mussenden temple where we spent an hour walking the grounds and looking at the lovely countryside.  The temple really is a fantastic place as it is perched on the edge of some of the tallest cliffs in all of Europe.  Following the stroll at the temple we went to Londonderry.  The city is famous for its walled inner city where it withstood multiple invasions throughout the years. It was also a place where some of the most hard fought battles for independence occurred. While it is now a peaceful place, there were large museums to honor the scarifies on both sides during the Irish independence conflict.

Finally we landed in Donegal for our 2nd bed and breakfast. It will be an early night to bed for us as we will have a lot of driving tomorrow to reach Galway by 6pm.


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