Day 5 – Jenn and Mom to Versailles

The late start didn’t really matter today – we were still able to jam pack the day with fun.  Starting with a brisk walk to L’Orangerie – we were able to view Monet’s beautiful water lilies but unable to take photos as I had been allowed in 2010.  It is funny to me how things change but perhaps we could better enjoy them without all the click clacks.

After that quick stop, we hopped on RER C to Versailles Rive Gauche – a 40 min trip.  Walking up the uneven cobble road to the castle gates proved to be a challenge but once inside, employees were all eager to help Mom make her visit more enjoyable.  I even was able to snap a few “behind the scenes” rooms not available to most of the public.  The funny thing was messy it is behind closed doors.

The rest of the place is gorgeous of course.  Reading about Louis 14, 15, 16 and Marie Antoinette from Rick Steve’s guidebook helped us throughout the house.

Outside, we were able to rent a golf cart for a one hour spin around the vast gardens.  No, we didn’t see everything, but it was fun and mostly relaxing (save for the part where I almost dumped mom in the dirt).  We laughed a lot and when our time was done, we exited the castle and headed to Jeff de Bruges for more delicious chocolate before hopping back on RER C to Paris.

One the walk back from the Station, mom got herself a painting and once Jeff met back up with us, we made dinner and headed back out to give the Eiffel Tower a second try.

Our first day up the tower was cut short – literally – due to Mom having a walker, we could not go to the top.  Safety reasons blah blah blah.  So we ditched the thing and she put on a brave face.  I think adrenaline took over as she got on the 2nd elevator to the Summit with a big smile then practically ran up the stairs to get to the top most platform.  We even shared a glass of ridiculously overpriced champagne.

On the ground we saw the light show again and met up with Jeff for a group photo.   Perfect end of the day.

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