Day 5 – Jeff’s Day on the Metro

This morning we woke up a little late but still was out of the apartment by 9:45 so it wasn’t shortened by that much.  This is the day Jenn and Margie go to Versailles.  I get to have a day to myself and I am going to go into the Sewers!!!

I began by getting a 1 day metro pass and headed out to find the sewer tour.  Trouble was, I didnt have the exact address.  Stupid me.  So I wandered, asked questions and then gave up.  I had more in store for my day and got to it.  I went to Arts et Metiers, Bir -Hakeim, Champs de Mars, Montparnasse, Hotel de Ville, Bastille, Assemble Nationale and that was all before lunch.  I wanted to take photos of the metro station interiors and entrances, they are all so different.

I then got a great idea, go to the Apple store at the Louve shopping mall and look up the location of the sewer tour.  I did just that.  Bingo!  Of course it didn’t open until 11:30 and I was there at 10:15.  So I high tailed it back to Ponte de l’Alma for the tour.  It smelled like sewage for sure.  I found it very interesting how the clean the sewers and how the evolution of a modern city sewer system was timelined throughout the exhibit.

I had lunch over by Notre Dame and took a photo with my pizza.

After that, a quick stop over in the Sacre Coeur neighborhood for some more art nouveau style metro entrances I got some stamps for our post cards and then a nutella and banana crepe for my out to the last spot as far from the center of Paris as can be on the line, Ponte Dauphone.  My last photos of the art nouveau entrance were happily followed by a phone call from Jenn, she was back at the flat and I could come home.  It was a great day on and off the metro, above and below, really below, the streets of Paris.

—A little more–

Went out again with the ladies but stayed on the ground while they ascended to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Here are my photos from the whole day:

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