Day 5 – Everything is closed on Christmas

Even some churches? Odd.  But anyway, we went to Sacre-Coeur again – better weather, nice blue skies, though I swear it is colder today, windy.  After that we tries to go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe but it was closed. Blah.  We are about to go to Pompidou which we think is open, but who knows because the info online seems to be incomplete.

Anyway, photo time.  I’m to tired to say more.

Je t'aime

much better weather today for photos!



The view from Sacre Coeur

Side view of Arc de Triomphe

We also got to talk to the whole family this evening to wish them Merry Christmas.  I’m a bit jealous of the breakfast burritos they are eating for Christmas morning.  Dinner is being made for us right now, though, and it will be yummy because Jeff is a good cook.  Then maybe a trip out for photos on this clear night.

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