Day 4 – d’Orsay & Shopping

“The museum is closed” was our welcome at the Louve this morning.  Bummer dude.  We should have known that on Tuesdays the Louve was closed, it says so in our books.  So we went to the Musee d’Orsay instead.  We spend a few hours looking at the impressionist paintings and sculptures of the 1800’s to 1900’s.  The artwork was fantastic, my favorite part were the hidden elevators with only a small 4 inch plaque marking the doorway.  They are the “Where’s Waldo” of the museum.

On to shopping after a brief lunch, we hopped on our Big Red Bus again and took it over to the Gallaries Laffayette.  This shopping mall is 4x as large as South Coast Plaza.  It is 3 city blocks with 7 stories each showing the finest in European clothing, shoes, makeup & fragrances.  We were delighted to find some homey touches too like a McDonalds on the 4th floor.  Yet even here at McD’s the coffees were so small that Margie had to ask for two.  The fries, while without salt, did come with some dipping sauce that was not ketchup.  It was a dill herb mayo sauce that Jeff seemed to enjoy.   While we shopped for our families back home we could not help but take a few snapshots of the massive stained glass dome ceiling in the center of the store.  It is 6 stories tall and all hand made.

To end the day we again took the Big Red Bus to Arc de Triumphe for some photos and then a walk down the Champs-Elyesse.  We found a shop named after Jeff, but this Jeff makes fantastic chocolate.  The blue and brown packages were just so inviting.  We bought a few for family and friends, then some for ourselves.  The chocolate is so delicate and perfected that it gently melts in your mouth…. soooo good.

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