Day 2 – Dublin, Hostel Check in, Guiness Pub Crawl

After arriving at DUB airport and taking the bus 30 minutes into the city center, we attempted to get our bearings at the hostel – a first for us.  We couldn’t get into our room yet but stowed our luggage and shared a sandwhich for lunch.  We then went to the Guiness Factory and took a self guided tour to the top of the giant pint glass.  We each had a free glass and Jeff even got a certificate for pouring his own – perfectly I might add – with a shamrock on top and everything.  Proud wife here!

Beat beyond belief from the lack of sleep and time change, we attempted to take power naps back in our dorms.  We did both fall asleep and seemed refreshed at 6:20pm local time, so we walked to the Temple Bar area to Oliver St. John Gogarty’s pub where we shared a delicious and quick lamb stew.  It was truly like a home cooked meal from heaven.  Having scarfed that down, we were ready to take part of a nightly musical pub crawl where two musicians told us all sorts of interesting things about Ireland, it’s traditions, and music’s role in the culture.  The tempos of the music switched between “black and decker” and “bacon and sausages.”  We heard a lot of great stories which is the whole purpose of song in Ireland and no one cares if you cannot hold a tune so long as your story is amusing, interesting, etc.

The toe tapping kept me going but the pints of beer slowly did me in.  After a walk back to the hostel and a warm shower, we are ready for bed except for this post.  Lots to do tomorrow, and more photos will come along as we venture out more to see the rest of the island.

Ireland Beer Count Thus Far: 8

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