Day 2 – An Evening with the Eiffel Tower

After a yummy dinner, Jeff and I decided to brave the rain, load up our gear, and go take pictures of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night.  We had 3 umbrellas – one for each of us including the camera, and succeeded only in keeping most of the camera equipment dry, but it was worth it and we had tons of fun running around in the rain.  About 20 minutes before we called it quits, it actually started to snow, then sleet, then snow some more.  We lost one umbrella to the rain, froze all digits, and I soaked my hair, but like I said: tons of fun.  Here are the photos: 

more love for us =)



This is why they call it the city of lights

close-up fisheye shot



Another random highlight: I got to watch Friends dubbed in French this evening.  It was sooooo amusing! ” deux,  deux-quatre,  deux-quatre-six,  quatre, quatre-sept, cinq-sept, six-sept, sept, sept, sept, sept, SEPT!”

Friends en Francais

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