Day 11 – Paris in Bloom

This morning we prepared for our move from the flat into the Marriott.  We will be heading over to the Champs Elysee tomorrow so blogs might slow down without free internet =(

After packing, we rode over to the Eiffel Tower since there were blue skies that would make for nice photos.  We found that more plants have bloomed as if over night.  The wind wasn’t so bad today but several clouds kept the sun from warming us.

We took a moment to just sit down and admire the tower from behind some buildings, then each had a nutella and fruit crepe before heading to Saint Sulpice Church.

The church was warm out of the chilly wind that had picked up – and it was truly awesome to see the monument and learn about how it was built so many years ago.  It is hard to imagine the plans that must have gone into it and it really got me thinking about the importance of math in everyday life.

We walked from there back to the flat and I am glad as we saw the world’s smallest bakery – seriously no wider than the door and only about 6 feet deep.  Hillarious!  We may have to go back to try the sweets.

Picked up some food and drinks at the store to cook dinner tonight and we are catching up on world news while we have some down time now.


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