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irish celtic knot boxSo this whole week, after getting the OK from her mom, I have been looking into exactly how to make this proposal stand out.  I have come across a website that makes custom image and color boxes.  I think this might be just what I have been looking for.  I think I want to get something special for the ring box for Jenn, Christmas ornament for me, fridge magnet for Marge and something for Jenn’s friend Laura.  I think I can purchase all of these gifts with the same theme on them.  I have been thinking of a Celtic knot with a galaxy blue background. For those who don’t know Jenn is Irish and likes a little Irish flare here and there and I love everything sci-fi so the galaxy color name suits me just fine.  Now to order all this with an engraved date, still unknown, and some meaningful message, again unknown.  Note: the image shown is not the box I will be getting, it is a larger jewelry box on the site, however it does show the Celtic knots and the galaxy blue is a shimmer of blue an purple.  Here is the website.

Jeff McNeil

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  1. Well I have decided I am not going to puchase these boxes. They are just not EXACTLY what I am looking for. They would be an expensive alternative to the standard black ring box, especially since they re not exactly what I wanted. I highly suggest that if you do like the light wood grain boxes for rings, do get one they look awesome. I told the company i would like to have seen a darker wood box and they said they might make one if enough people asked for them, perhaps i can start a trend.

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