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  1. Congratulations Jenn & Jeff!

    Can’t wait for the wedding!

  2. Hey Love Birds,
    – with everything else you’re doing to plan for the big day – what recommendations do you have for hotels near the venue in Dana Point? Maybe we could reserve a block of rooms for all of us that plan to travel there?

  3. yes, going to call the marriott in newport where we will be staying – might have hook ups for discount rates through a friend, but will also look for possibly less expensive options. Friday, Saturday night right?

  4. Yes Jen – Friday AND Saturday night 🙂

  5. Love the info about your trip so far…my goodness time flies…Is it June and time for your trip to Japan already? I sure hope you have a wonderful time, and stay safe you two…Cheers 😉

  6. . Love you. Enjoying reading about your trip. Sorry about your fall. Hope you are ok. Miss you. Having a hard time here, hope this goes though

  7. Hey those photos are amazing. Went to see Linda Martin yesterday. Had a great time. Spent the night. Finally caught up on your trip. Glad you are having fun. Miss you. Love you both.

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