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Giggity Giggity!

Giggity Giggity!

I have confirmed with my groomsmen that a trip to Las Vegas will be not on the list of possible places to have my bachelor party.  All well and good, since I went to Ryan to his party, and well… passed out at the club.  There will be no passing out of anyone at my bachelor party.  I want to enjoy it and want the other guys to enjoy it as well.  I have been looking around for ideas and have some I wanted to share before I asked for your ideas.

Obviously a strip club would be one fantastic idea, but which ones are good in OC?  I have only been to one in Vegas, the Palamino.  Let me know what you think and please keep comments PG-13 for the blog.

AZ River tubing

AZ River tubing

John has suggested a river tubing with a case of beer?  Anyone know where that happens in southern California?  I found a great place in Arizona, but nothing in so. Cal.

What about a day at the nail salon equivalent for men “Metro for Men.”  It looks like an interesting place, however expensive.  I guess you pay for the machismo factor as part of it.  Then again maybe I am just cheap when it comes to my haircuts.

Another idea was to go to a sporting event like a baseball game or something. Or perhaps a pub crawl in Huntington, Newport or Fullerton.  All of these sound like fun to me.  Of course we would need to find a sober driver to either go with us or pick us up from the event.  There may be more than 4 of us in the bachelor party I feel.  Perhaps as many as 8 which would totally be fun.

So this is where I am asking those who read the website, please comment with your ideas on what to do for the bachelor party.  With so many typical things to do, what interesting new things can you think of or what different twists on old standards can you come up with?  Can we say private Jacuzzi party perhaps?

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  1. River tubing sounds real fun. I’m not sure we’ll be able to do this in Cali though. I read something about it saying that most of the Southern California tubing rivers dry up by early summer. But if we can find a place I’m totally down! Strip Club…yep sounds good to me. Pub crawl…yep sounds good to me. Baseball or sporting event…sounds good to me. These all sound like they could be fun. We will for sure need someone to drive us around. Possibly 8 people huh? That’s good, the more the merrier. I wonder what a limo would cost to drive us around for the night? Or even a party bus. humm…Another thing I was thinking was possibly chartering a party boat from Newport Harbor…not sure what the cost would be though. Also if we were thinking dinner before hand, Agora in Irvine is amazing if you like meat. They bring you all the meat you can eat untill you are stuffed and all different types of meat. This might make our stomaches too full to add beer to it after though. Humm….

  2. Yeah this Agora place is a great idea. I have had brazilian style food before and loved it. Back in Albequerque Jenn and I went to a place like this and loved it. I found one in Fulelrton for cheaper, Maybe this could be worked into one of the two nights. I have been thinking that perhaps we should have 2 nights. One with you, John and 3-4 guys from work, a crazy night. And another one with just the 3 groomsmen the day before the wedding, since Jenn’s brother Chris will be down from San Jose for that one. I dont want to make Chris drive the 6 hours to get here if we can do something fun and special the day before. Granted this one will be more low key since I don’t want to have a hangover for my wedding. When will you be out of town for your wedding Ryan? And how long is the honeymoon going to be?

  3. Yeah man, that Amazon BBQ looks perfect too, and for a much better price. Good call. We should do this for sure. I’m thiking we should do this on the more mellow night with just the groomsmen the night before your wedding. I agree, you certainly don’t want to be hungover for the wedding, so we will keep it real mellow that night. The thing with Brazilian BBQ is that it’s all you can eat. So it will be hard for us to drink on such a full stomache because I know I will gorge myself. 🙂 For my wedding I leave for Colorado after work on Thursday August 19th and we come home on Monday August 23rd. I will work 3 days (weird i know but that’s just how the timing with hotels and everything worked out) then on Friday August 27th we leave for our honeymoon. We will return home on Friday September 3rd. I will be available any weekend after that.

  4. Check out Firefly Events. James & Nadine specially coordinate different and fun bachelor/bachelorette parties that involved activities beyond the standard Vegas/strip club.

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