Asia Day 6 – Part 2 – In Japan…

So… Japan has not put me quite as at ease as Hong Kong did.  Our room is smaller and with fewer ammenities – no English TV, no wi-fi in room (though there is a cable connection) and there is not as much English, that’s for sure.  But we do have kimono-type Yukata’s to use and had a yummy dinner at Lion’s Beer Club followed by dessert from Godiva. YUM.

Our flight was fine – loved the seats as they seemed bigger, but my back is killing me (probably from my photo bags).  Besides the late arrival, the Haneda Airport experience was a breeze.  Easy passport check and customs with a short line, and a very friendly tourism counter representative who actually walked us to where we needed to go instead of just pointing.  We got on the Haneda express monorail to town which was indeed express and after a paris-like stair system coming out of the metro, it was just a short walk to our hotel.

Though it is not quite as lush as our last stay, I must say everyone here has been quite nice.  We went out again after our dinner just for some photos.  That was fun – totally looked like a crazy tourist but oh well.

Jeff is trying to fiddle with TV as our computer hookup isn’t working either – the best thing he’s found so far is Will Smith speaking Japanese.  It’ll be bedtime soon as we have an early morning and jam packed Disney day tomorrow.

Here are a few photos from this evening:

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