Asia Day 3 – HKDL!

Hong Kong Disneyland today was tons of fun!

We woke up at, oh, 3:30am… putzed around till the Exec lounge opened at 6, ate breakfast and started our travels to DL.  It took practically no time to get there which meant we were there an hour before opening, but we got to walk the resort and check out the hotel.  At 10am the park kind of opened – but only main street.

Little did we know virtually EVERY cast member would have pins.  (BTW, we totally didn’t bring enough to trade!)  We spent the next 3o minutes switching out nearly all of our pins amazed at the selection on cast lanyards.

HKDL is AMAZING!  I can’t even describe it all.  Totally like DL CA, but smaller  and fewer roller coaster “adult” rides which was the only downside.  Everyone in the entire resort was so polite – and easy to talk to with their well-spoken English.  We did ask how to say “thank you” in Cantonese but after a cast member told us, she then said Mandarin was easier to learn and to go with that. =)

So what was so amazing?  PINS! Got some pretty neat ones to bring home.  Shows were great too.  And the decor and added changes to make the park unique stood out.  The games we got to play were also awesome.  There was a CARS 2 themed detective game / scavenger hunt to promote the movie, I got to draw on the sidewalk with water with a man who was disguised as a trash sweeper, and we played “guess who?” – a character guessing game where you only see part of the body.  This game might have been the best as Emily, Winnie, and Fish made us feel super special by making us a certificate and giving us a prize.  Close runner up to that was the free LE pin for completing a research survey.

After pooping out, we had an easy ride home and got back to the Marriott in time for free Happy Hour at the Executive Lounge.  Have I mentioned how awersome Marriott Rewards Gold Membership is?  SO great!  Wine, cocktails, and delicious spring rolls, lamb, teryaki skewers and strawberry shortcake may have substituted dinner.

In our room showered and relaxing watching Wipe Out now.  Hillarious show, btw.

Tomorrow will be a far more cultural experience as we travel to Kowloon. Can’t wait!

Here are some photos from today:

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