Alaska Day 5 – Skagway

Today was jam-packed for sure!  We woke up early to be off the ship before 8am and to our first adventure, the White Pass Railway on a 3 hour long ride up to Canada and back.  Seeing the mountain up close and the raging water from high above was something special.  Tim and Beth were our tour guides and gave us lots of information about the many things we were curious about.  We took the train from sea level to nearly 3,000 feet!  To step out on the windy platform and look down was quite a rush.

And RUSH was the theme of the day for sure.  The gold rush affected Skagway in 1898 when people from all over came in by boat and ship to then take a nearly 600 mile journey to the Yukon.  No gold was actually ever found in Skagway, but it was famous.  We passed a spot where they actually dredge for gold and now tourists can pan for tiny flakes, but we didn’t do that, we went straight on to a canopy covered rain forest to ride a series of zip lines.  What fun!

That started with some warm up on a 20ft high teeter-tottery bridge, followed by a one zip after another that got progressively higher and longer.  I did some upside down, backwards, sideways and rotating.  More pix and video of all of that will come soon!

Here are some shots:

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  1. YAY!! ZIP LINES are so much fun!!!!! Love the pictures!

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