Alaska Day 4 – Juneau

Water and Salmon and Bears, oh my!  That’s right – we saw BEARS today!  Soooo excited about that one.  First one we saw was behind some brush but looked right at us.  Second one was being boring and sleeping in as tree, but the third one ran right past me about 10 feet away.  Woah!

Glad we just went where the wind took us today.  We had absolutely nothing planned when we stepped off the ship, but caught an express bus to Mendenhall and took a gorgeous hike to Nugget Fall.  Spend a good 2 hours looking around then went back toward the stream where we got dropped off and bears just seemed to be all over.  They are totally unpredictable but I could see myself coming up here again and just camping out waiting for that perfect shot.

Came back and ate yummy hot dogs for lunch and then back out for some good old touristy shopping.  Will post pictures a bit later.

—update: here are the photos.  Spent the rest of the day chilling out on the boat and went to our welcome back cocktail hour where Gulsom once again made sure we never had to wait to drink more champagne.  She’s great!

Pix of the morning / afternoon:

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