Alaska Day 3 – Hubbard Glacier

Woke up early this morning and I went to a massage and facial. That was supremely relaxing. Jeff wrote for the blog while I did that – though we have yet to get online (obviously if this is posted we will have been online). Following that was bingo. Jeff got to be the commissioner and won a Ringo the Bingo Seal stuffed animal which is akin to a rally monkey I guess. They want us to bring it back to every game we play, and if we do, we get an extra jackpot bingo play. Well that was all we won for those four games, but we will go back again for sure. After meeting up with people, relaxing a bit, and having lunch, we went to a napkin folding class (so cool!) and then it was time for the Hubbard Glacier. This thing is massive, and we stood outside for a good hour plus just looking at it. As we got closer, we saw seals lying on icebergs and swimming, but we wanted to see some major calving action – that’s when the ice falls off the side of the glacier. Well lucky for us, a couple big chunks did fall. Missed the first one but caught the massive wave it created, and got great documentation of the next huge chunk slamming into the water. Hung out with the group after that – sipped some wine and chatted – then formal dinner was a riot of laughter and stories shared between us 6 and the other family of 4 at our table. Patsy, Ronnie, Carolyn and Fred are fun people and our wait staff is hilarious. I showed off my new learned napkin skill and Deb and Nengah showed us some more. Another waited, from Jamaica, sung a wonderfully funny song to us, and we all left the dining room full and in hysterics. Next up is Juneau and the Mendenhall Glacier. Ice, waterfalls, salmon, and bears are all to be seen! Pictures from today here:

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