18th Jun2010

36 hours left & Tricia Helfer

by Jeff McNeil
Tricia Helfer in Command & Conquer 3 as Kilian Qatar

Tricia Helfer in Command & Conquer 3 as Kilian Qatar

A day and a half before the proposal, the same time it takes to get up to Seattle by train, is all that stands between me and a “Yes” or “No” from Jenn.  All plans are still good and confirmations are coming in.  This morning I got a text from the Limo service, they will be arriving on time with the 6 person white limo.  Laura is on board with confirmed reservations at the Happy Nails salon.  James confirmed as photographer will meet me .  I have the necessary gift cards and credit cards.  Extra champagne is on tap for later that night. I just need to get through today at work and tomorrow morning.  I feel that I will be stressed out tomorrow around noon.  I have been keeping my mind on my computer games as of late and it has prevented me from being too anxious or stressed.  It is amazing what a little real time strategy game (Command & Conquer 3) will do for a guy especially with Tricia Helfer in leather, thank you so much EA.  Tonight is going to be Toy Story 3 and then maybe some relaxing jacuzzi time at home.  36 little hours… I can make it.

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