Our First Ultrasound

by Jeff McNeil

McNeil BabyWe did see our baby last time but this time we heard his heartbeat.  Yes, HIS!!!  (We also found out we are having a boy.)  So thoughts are going around for names – we know it will start with a J like our names do, but it is really hard picking out a boy’s J name.  First, there are a lot already in our families, and we want something new.  Second, there really aren’t too many “normal” sounding ones.  Third, there is no J in the Gaelic alphabet.  Also, we already had a girl’s name picked out and that was super easy but for some reason the boy name is just confusing us.  At any rate, from what we can tell he is healthy and happy and that’s the most important thing.  I had a blood test for risk factors for birth defects – I guess they do this State wide now.  It is a tad nerve wracking to say the least.  But for now I will relax and look forward to telling the family this weekend.

Week 12 Progress

by Jeff McNeil

Week 12 Progress:

We are discussing what your name will be, will it be a girl’s name or a boy’s name?  We don’t know yet.  We are excited to find out which sex you are, perhaps at our next visit.  We do know it will begin with a “J”. That is for sure.  Grandpa, Grandma and the rest of the San jose family will find out this weekend.  We are excited.  You are the size of a passion fruit right now.  Keep growing little baby.


We know it’s going to be a…

by Jeff McNeil

Today’s doctor visit was a big one for us.  We had a ultrasound done to confirm the baby’s due date and if the baby will be a boy or a girl.  The answer is…

It’s a boy!

We are so excited about having a baby boy! We will take him camping and traveling.  Teach him about nature and science.  Read to him and talk with him.  Jenn and I are so excited to know that he is doing well and protected by mommy.  Jenn is doing well and and we are deciding on names at this point.  It is hard because we have a few good choices but are trying to find the combination that just hits us right.  More news on the name later.

Week 11 Progress

by Jeff McNeil

Week 11 Progress:

Baby, you are the size of a fig.  Not that big, but you are growing fast.  Mommy is showing a little more, just wait until a few more weeks for a super cute baby belly.  We are about to tell Mommy’s parents up in San Jose.  It is going to be a fun time sharing with your future aunts and uncles.


Week 10 Progress

by Jeff McNeil

Week 10 Progress:

You are the size of a kumquat now.  We are starting to see you growth as evidence by mommy’s cute tummy.  You are a good little baby, very little morning sickness.  You seem to like milk because it helps your Mom overcome what she does feel in the mornings.  Take your time and grow little baby.  We will take good care of you.


Photo Session / Pregnancy Reveal

by Jeff McNeil

It is a funny thing being the holder of a big secret.  I liken it only to Jeff knowing he was going to propose and not telling me anything till it was happening.  I wanted to give him a surprise – albeit one he saw coming – and document his reaction with a photo shoot.  For this, I enlisted the help of a good friend and former co-worker, Briana Caster.  She is an amazing photographer and was so helpful in making this as stress free as possible for me.  Because Jeff is crafty and pinteresty, etc, I was worried he would really see it coming, or wonder why in the world we were having a portrait session when our last one was only about 6 months ago.  In the end, Brianna suggested telling him it was to help train a new photographer on her team and this worked brilliantly.  Of course he got right into helpful teacher mode when we met Alex – giving her friendly tips from his days behind a camera.  That was great because it assured me he didn’t know what we were really doing there.

But of course I was a bundle of nerves anyway.  I don’t love being in front of the camera – go figure! – so it takes me a while to warm up.  Most of the session was just me trying not to look super awkward but when it came time to hold up my “I’m pregnant” sign – all I had to do was hold it and I got that wrong – it was upside down for a ½ second!  Opps!  But once those words got straightened out and he got the message, his face went from highly confused, to super excited and that was worth all the nerves in the world.  From my standpoint, the reality set in slow and his initial “REALLY!?” sounded to me like he thought I was pranking him.  It wasn’t until we took a breath and relaxed and he looked at me and sort of half whispered “awesome!” that I knew he was stoked.  Lots of hugs and giggles and some tears came next but I felt totally relaxed in his arms.

To round out the evening I had told him I’d take him out to dinner for being a sport and helping Briana – so we ate Bang Bang Shrimp at Bone Fish – sooo good!  And he treated himself to a fancy glass of scotch.  Maybe he was a little nervous after all 😉

Week 9 Progress

by Jeff McNeil

Week 9 Progress:

Mommy and Daddy saw you for the first time on an un-official sonogram at the doctor’s office.  You are the size of a grape.  We were nervous about the first doctor visit but with everything we learned it put us at ease.  We are so excited to meet you in 31 weeks.Week9bump