2 Weeks, I’m getting anxious

Counting Down

Counting Down

I woke up this morning, left the apartment and thought to myself I have 2 weeks to pull the rest of the proposal together.  So far I have her friend Laura on board for helping get Jenn out of the house and spending money.  Then Laura’s boyfriend James agreed to take photos of the proposal.  I booked rooms at the Hotel Angeleno for Jenn and me when dinner is over to relax and enjoy her proposal night.  I booked the reservation at the WEST for 4 at 7:15 knowing she might arrive anytime between 7:30 and 8:00pm.  I have the ring in the safe deposit box all cleaned and shiny. I need to get my suit dry cleaned and I need to book the limo.   The suit, a simple matter, the limo…. damn it is hard to get a good deal.

I found some people offering $40 an hour but when I called on Sunday they were not well put together and forgot everything I had told them earlier.  So I wont go with the bargain basement people.  That means I need to up my price, which is going to be even more expensive.  Hopefully I will have some replies to E-mails I sent out yesterday.  I really want to put this last major step behind me. HAHA this major step, it was a major step to decide to make this “major step.”  I just hope all this planning goes well.

Slight plan change for the proposal.  Jenn and Laura will be going back home to change instead of changing on the way to dinner.  That way they can feel pretty and get dressed in a comfortable place not jsut a dressing room or limo.  I have also decided against Jenn’s mom being involved due to the logistical nightmare of booking and possible re-booking of airfare from San Jose to LAX.  While it was a great idea, cost and logistics aren’t going to allow it to happen.

So that there is the current situation, I am getting nervous due to all the planning.  However for a wedding I think it will be better on me sicne Jenn will know that the wedding is comming.  She can help with the planning, wait… she will be doing the planning, I will be helping .  It is of course HER wedding.

Jeff McNeil

Born in Irvine, grew up in Anaheim,child of the world. Married to the love of my life Jennifer McNeil.

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